Order Verification

We DO NOT Sell to the General Public. All orders will be verified prior to shipping.
At Krieger we aim to provide the finest doorways that protects what’s valued at your building. Therefore, we want to make sure you get the correct replacement part. In order to do this, we must verify your order.
How do we verify your order? With any of the following:
Job Number
You provide the original job number. The job information allows us to confirm swing, sizing and door hardware needs without you having to tear the door down or know much about doors/hardware. Job numbers are typically located on the hinge pad of the door behind the top hinge on a 2 hinge door or at the middle hinge on a 3 hinges door.
You provide the installation location (building address)
You provide the original buyer
If you do not have the above information or have questions, please contact: